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You go on a trip to Curacao it is good to be the following things to know. Do you have a good tip, give it surely to us in the comments below the article.


Curaçao is a small island on the map, but depending on your type of trip or vacation it is just too big to see everything without (own) means of transportation to do.


Drug use is not allowed on the island. Let no (valuable) belongings and take any parcels from strangers. Drug trafficking is a problem and the control of the customs is very strict.


On Curaçao you can save in the Papiamentu, English, Spanish and English.


The water in Curaçao is of excellent quality, this is also true for the tap water.
Therefore, it is not really necessary to have the bottles with drinking water to buy in stores.


The Mains voltage is 110-130 volt (50 Hz) . Some hotels also have 220 – 230 volt on the hotel rooms. When your electronic equipment is generally made suitable for travel and you have so there is no separate voltage converter required. You can check this by using your adapter after look. On Curaçao, they use a different type of electrical outlet so you have a converter / adaptor needed (American plug). In some hotels they have both 220 if the 110 volt connection, but not everywhere. Best is to get a converter / adaptor to take.

Time difference

It is on Curaçao, six hours earlier than in the Netherlands during daylight saving time. During the winter time is five hours earlier.

Passport / Visa

The Dutch and Belgians must be in possession of a passport with validity of minimum six months validity after entry into the country. There is no need a visa to enter the country to, however, if you want to follow an internship. Upon arrival on Curacao, you will be asked to fill out a form with the reason of visit, where you're staying and your personal information.

Mosquitoes / Vaccinations

For Curacao, you do not need vaccinations. Only if you are FROM a yellow fever country to travel. Now, the Netherlands is fortunately not a yellow fever country, and it is thus not necessary. Curacao itself is not a yellow fever country, so that gives no problems with, then travel to another country.

Now it is true that many countries in South America, a yellow fever country, then you maybe anyway the vaccination for yellow fever need, so if you are from one of these countries to Curaçao travel.

Further, it is in Curaçao, however, important to have good insect repellent with DEET to bring in related to the risk of dengue fever (dengue), that by the mosquitoes is transferred. Take airy and long / covering clothing to make yourself as good as possible, to protect. The mosquitoes in the evening (especially around dusk) active and stay that night until in the morning.

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