Willemstad is the capital of the (egg)country of Curaçao.

The district includes several neighborhoods of which Punda and Otrabanda, the main sites are. Punda is the part where the government is seated and where you have a clear center area find that mostly consists of shops and restaurants. On the other side of the St. Anna bay is located in the district Otrabanda, what is literally ‘opposite’ means. Otrabanda is a working-class neighbourhood, which, thanks to investors now a piece become more and more attractive for tourists. Together with Punda is Otrabanda, the main attraction for tourists who Willemstad visit.
A holiday in Curaçao is not complete without Willemstad visited. The history of the city, the museums, the sometimes beautiful buildings and the history of Willemstad, making it the biggest attraction of the country. Here in particular, you notice that you are in a Caribbean country where life is particularly ‘easy going’ is. Het warme tropische klimaat zorgt ervoor dat je automatisch meegezogen wordt in het tragere stadsritme als je het vergelijkt met Nederlandse steden.


Curaçao has a very pleasant tropical climate.
The average temperature per year is 27°C. The temperature difference between winter and summer on the island is not more than 3°C.
Daytime brings the oostpassaatwind cooling and in the night heat on the island.
The hottest months in Curacao are from August to October and the coldest months are January and February.

With a surface area of 472 km2 Curaçao is the largest island of the Netherlands Antilles.
Curaçao is located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea on 60 km away from the South American mainland. Approximately 100 million years ago is the Curacao under the sea arise.

st christoffel

st christoffel

St. Christoffel

Curaçao consists for a large part from volcanic rock and is surrounded by coral limestone. In the northwest the landscape is flat and hilly. The island of Curaçao has a steep and rocky north coast.
The St. Christoffel (372 m) is het hoogste punt van Curacao.
On the south coast of Curaçao are many bays and shallow coves with the most beautiful stranden die Curaçao rijk is.

Stranden Curaçao


Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna



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