Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna Curaçao


On Curaçao about 500 types of plants and trees that can cope with the dry climate, the scarce precipitation and the oostpassaatwinden. The roots, leaves and stems of these trees and plants have to the arid climate of Curaçao custom. For the dry climate on the island is the cactus plant is the most suitable.
You can see this everywhere on the island. By evaporation, lose the cactus is no moisture and the spines serve as modified leaves.


Curaçao has several species of animals that are unique to the island. The Curacao witstaarthert is a good example of.
The witstaarthert is only on the west coast of the island for.
There is life on Curaçao is approximately 400 witstaartherten since 1931 be protected under the law.


Curacao is a good habitat for iguanas. The iguana is easy to recognize by his dragon-like dorsal crest. The locals call the iguana also known as ‘yuana’. Iguanas are by the local residents caught and in soup prepared or as a stew.




Curaçao has 168 registered species of birds that 51 breeding birds, 71 North American migratory birds, 19 species of birds from South America and 19 types of seabirds.
The most common birds on Curacao, the West Indian parakeets, hummingbirds and suikerdiefjes


In the breeding season come flamingo's from Bonaire to search for food on Curaçao. Flamingo's lay the year round eggs. Because of this, it is unclear what the actual breeding season is for the flamingo’s. Scientists have discovered that the breeding season is accompanied with the rainy season. The unique place for bird watching is the Christoffelpark, but also on the southwest coast of Curaçao you can see a lot. In the park life is much geelborsttroepiaals. The geelborsttroepiaals are the national bird of Curaçao.


On Curaçao, life four types of turtles: the green turtle, the hawksbill turtle, the loggerhead sea turtle and the legerschildpad. In the breeding season are turtles on the west coast of Curaçao spotted. They come to the country to lay their eggs.

Turtle Curacao

Turtle Curacao

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