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The Caribbean cuisine is a melting pot of eetculturen in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, a number of European countries, and Asia. Each period in the history of Curaçao has left its traces in special dishes; of the occupation by the Spaniards, until the arrival of the Dutch and the African slaves. Curaçaoënaars take the time to quietly cook and the whole family to eat. On festive occasions, there is a lot of extra attention paid to the meals, every party has its own signature dishes.

Well-known dishes of Curacao

Curaçao Tutu
Curaçao Tutu

Well-known Curaçaoan dishes are pastechi (Antillean pie), Johnnycake (deep fried roll), Tutu, sopi piska (fish soup), you will (kind of corn polenta), ajaca (in banana leaves wrapped dish) and pan bati (corn pancake) . Also stews (stobá) are very popular, they are prepared with beef, chicken, goat (kabritu), iguana or shellfish (karkó), and different kinds of vegetables. The fish for the piska ku you will (fish with corn flour) daily freshly caught in the Caribbean sea and is sturdy and tastefully. Many restaurants are local species, such as barracuda, wahoo and tuna on the map.

The Dutch culture is reflected in the keshi yená, a hollowed-out Edam cheese filled with a spicy mixture of chicken or ground beef, different vegetables, capers, raisins, prunes and olives. The cheese is, after he is soaked, of his wax stripped, filled, and oven-baked.

If you are in an adventurous mood? Try the guiambo, (a okrasoep with ingredients such as salted meat, varkensstaart, shrimp, fish and shellfish) or the sòpi mondongo (ingewandensoep). The sòpi mondongo is traditionally eaten when there is a new roof on the house and also belongs to the Sunday meal.


Here under are some fun bars and restaurants

  • Jaanchies restaurant in Westpunt
  • Restaurant Shore of the Santa Barbara Resort (in a great location on the ocean)
  • Ginger in the attractively refurbished district of Pietermaai in Willemstad
  • Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei, on the front terrace of a historic nineteenth-century plantagehuisMarkthal Plasa Bieu.

Pan Será

‘Pan’ is bread and ‘será’ means closed.
Pan será is a broodsoort that has its origin in the time that outside the city no bakeries were. The people baked their own bread in homemade stone ovens. The bread was as cheap as possible so there is a minimum amount of yeast was used.
Pan será as he used to be baked was, you could but a quarter in, so heavy was the. This property has this bread its name Pan será thanks.
The ovens were outside, in the yard. The fuel with which they were fired was gathered wood. If you are on the island runs you can come here and there once in such an old oven in a garden against. Because not everyone has a oven had, was this bread baked for the sale.

pan sera
pan sera

pan sera
pan sera

pan sera
pan sera

Bolo Pretu
Bolo Pretu

Sweets and pastries

Arubans love of cakes and sweets such as bolo (cake) and tèrt. One of the most famous bolo on Curaçao is the Bolo pretu (black cake), of which the main ingredients plums, noten en alcohol zijn. This cake is served at important events like a wedding, baptism or first communion. Tèrt is the best to compare with pie. The crust however, is dryer, and the filling is otherwise made. Of crushed peanuts, one on Curacao S-shaped biscuits, that lèter be called.

Festive meals

With Christmas and the new year is ayaca eaten. The banana leaves are filled with a layer of dough of corn flour, salt, sugar, aniseed, grated cheese, butter and milk. The pastebottom is filled with chickens- and pork, capers, raisins, plums, olives, piccalilli, ham, almonds, celery, parsley, pickles and chili pepper. The complete package is boiled in water, after which it leave to cool. Shortly before the meal is the dish just warmed up. At the end of the holidays, or a large celebration like a marriage, are often bags were distributed with sweets, sugar confectionery and sweetened almonds.

Net Bar
Net Bar

Popular beverages

On Curaçao there is always reason for a party, where the drinks are usually flowing freely. By far the most famous drink on the island is Polar beer, that officially from the United States, but is brewed in Venezuela. Other popular beers are Heineken and Amstel. In addition to drinking beer Antilleans like liquor and cocktails in the most amazing colours and flavours. The blue liqueur the Laraha orange (Blue Curacao) Curaçao has widespread fame, concerned about the world and is still made locally, in Landhuis Chobolobo. The Net Bar, Home of the world famous Ròm Bèrdè, it is definitely worth a visit. The bar, with the very relaxed atmosphere, since 1954 is de maker van de authentieke Ròm Bèrdè (green rum).

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