Beaches of Curaçao

Beaches of Curaçao

A major reason for quite a lot of tourists to visit Curaçao is the presence of the many beautiful tropical beaches. The beaches scattered throughout the island. The majority is located on the southern coast of Curaçao. The north coast is generally pretty rough.

Unfortunately, it is only a part of the beaches only accessible, as Grote Knip and Kleine Knip. The rest of the beaches are private beaches become for which you have to pay to get there. This is done by means of a parking fee or entrance fee for the beaches themselves.

Each beach has its own character. Some are located on a long boulevard, some are beautifully tucked away in a bay, and a number of beach accommodations. Popular beaches on Curacao Jan Thiel, Mambo Beach, Blue Bay, Playa Porto Marie. At a number of beaches you can excellent snorkeling.

Snorkeling and diving on Curaçao

A beautiful underwater world!

People who are diving or snorkeling, excited about the beauty of Curaçao (under)water world.
Nowhere in the world you find such beautiful nature reserves and natural treasures under the sea level.
You can do 40 different places in Curacao with a total of 65 locations where you can dive and/or snorkelling.

Here below some dive sites:



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